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Where boys learn to read with CONFIDENCE!

(as well as other wiggly, giggly, bouncing, busy little humans)


Where else can a child learn the sounds of just three letters and then read their first book?

“I use these books to help Henry read; but I fell in love with them when I heard him saying nice things about himself.” Jimmie

Dad to Henry

“Just an awesome little series to get young readers reading!” Kim

Grade One Teacher

“Amazing books! So impressed Aidan could read them. Such a proud moment. Thank you!” Jenny

Mom to Aiden

Sneak peek
on the stories
Why you will
will love them

Quick wins

Each book introduces two to three letters until your child is reading with the whole alhabet.



Simple and adorable illustrations with sweet story lines.



Taking small steps toward a goal adds up to big confidence.



Enjoy positive, mindful affirmations in each book.


Simple tips

 How to help boys read ~ simplified!



Each book, consecutively, builds on the others.

Why Boys?

Boys face unique challenges in the classroom: they tend to be competetive, adventurous and want to move a lot. Let’s use this to their advantage by:

  • Adding physical movement to learning activities: hopscotch, letter dice, letter balls
  • Reading books that have adventure in them
  • STOP using books for reading practice where Kindergarten and Grade 1 students have the ability to  sound out less than half of the words (so discouraging).
  • Use books for reading practice where all of the words can be successfully read by Kindergarten and Grade 1 students – from beginning to end (very encouraging). This is CRUCIAL.